Destiny 2 Players Find Traces of an Upcoming Enemy Race In-Game

Future 2 is an ever-growing universe as Bungie introduces new concepts to the sport every year and fills the time in-between with seasonal pursuits. The Forsaken enlargement notably noticed the addition of the Scorn, a brand new enemy race, and this yr Past Mild added the primary of the Darkness subclasses. Future is getting increasingly assured with exploring the idea of Darkness as time goes on, and a few gamers assume that there are remnants of the theorized Darkness race within the recreation already.

This upcoming race, now referred to as “the Veil” by many followers, has been talked about for a few years, however solely lately gained traction. Over yr 3, Future 2 began to closely function the Darkness, the Traveler’s antithesis, in its story. With Darkness subclasses now a actuality, followers assume there is a higher likelihood to see a model new race, absolutely allied with the pyramid ships that invaded the Photo voltaic System a few months prior.

Curiously, person BruhRaz discovered the proof for this Darkness faction contained in the Ascendant Aircraft of the Dreaming Metropolis, a chunk of content material from 2 years in the past. By glitching out of bounds, they discovered their method right into a secluded space, and stumbled upon a dormant “miasma” standing on high of a bit of rock. This a part of the Ascendant Realm is not meant to be visited by gamers, and may very well be a leftover content material. Regardless, it comprises a definite object that matches the outline of Darkness manifestations, and does not seem like the rest discovered in-game.

For starters, Cayde-6 described in his journal a risky, swirling mass of tendrils from his encounter with the Darkness. This suits the curious entity discovered within the Ascendant Aircraft fairly properly. The Drifter, a personality comparatively properly acquainted with the Darkish, additionally notes confronting a viscous and formless creature that suppressed his Mild throughout his travels past the Photo voltaic System. Plus, the same animated miasmic impact was seen throughout Season of Arrivals when the pyramid ships straight interacted with the gamers’ artifacts on Io.

Whereas these depictions all share widespread visuals, the hope is that this may finally result in a brand new enemy kind that gamers can battle in-game. Bungie had plans for an additional enemy group earlier than Future had launched, merely named “race 5,” and represented with a single piece of idea artwork. That characterization nonetheless goes hand in hand with what gamers have discovered in-game. Nevertheless, it’s as much as debate whether or not race 5 remains to be within the works or has finally change into the Taken.

Future 2: Past Mild is now out there on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Sequence X.

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