Why Social Media Marketing? These reasons speak for it!

The question ‘Why social media marketing?’ Can be answered not only with these 6 but many more reasons. Depending on the company, business model, and, above all, your own target group, there are synergies via social media that are difficult to assess beforehand. As a company, it is important to keep your eyes open and lookout for new, potential advantages! Do not leave your business’s future to luck, for that go and play at a casino; take our advice and start using social media!

1. Close contact with customers increases brand loyalty

It is no secret that the brand loyalty of customers has, in some cases, drastically decreased in recent years as the range of products increases. Customers who shop online have the opportunity to get the best offer for the respective request with just a few clicks. Amazon, and other portals now make this possible without any problems. On the one hand, what is good for the customers, on the other hand, means that the companies – or their brands – that hide behind the respective products have to anchor themselves more firmly in the minds of their customers – provided they have a real bond with them want to build up and not only want to compete on price. Social media help enormously here, as you are in close contact with your customers before, during, and after the purchase. You can not only respond to potential questions but also stay in the minds of your own target group over the long term through cleverly placed content.

2. The reach of social media is huge!

A look at the current number of users on social media shows that the number of users on the respective channels is enormous! If you are positioned internationally as a company, the numbers increase many times over according to your own target group! Anyone who hears sentences like “Facebook is dead!” From their social media friend, ‘Guru’, should get up quickly and win the land. Facebook, like all other social media channels, is not dead! On the contrary: a large part of the population is present on these social media channels. As a company, our challenge is to find the target group that is relevant to us on the respective platforms, to bind them to us with content, and to expand the reach and customer base of our own company in a targeted manner!

3. Address your own target group in a targeted manner

If a potential customer walks into a physical store, the local salespeople usually don’t know anything about that particular store. A friendly “Hello, how can I help you?” Can fail because the other person does not speak your language. This fact makes it difficult for local salespeople to tailor their communication to the ‘strange’ counterpart. It looks different on social media! Here, as a company, you have the opportunity to find the places where your own customers meet to talk about their own industry or their own products, to track down, analyze and thus tailor their own communication to the respective niche. As a company, you always have your finger on the pulse and not only manage to address your own target group in a targeted manner but above all to convince you of your own product with the help of authentic contributions.

4. Get to know your own target group in a targeted manner

Companies that not only use social media to download their content but also deal intensively with their target group and the tools offered by the platforms, get to know their own target group even better as a result. For example, the “Target Group Insights Tool” gives you important insights into your own target group and their preferences within social media. For example, you would like to organize a competition, but you don’t know exactly what your target group would be happy about? In the case of 22-32 women who are interested in fashion accessories, a Swarovski voucher could be just the thing, according to the Facebook tool. Use social media to find out more about your target group and thus improve your approach!

5. Opportunity to close the gap to the big competitors in the market

A few decades ago it was extremely difficult for new companies to enter the existing market. The corresponding barriers were high, the financial expenditure, which had to be carried out for advertising, for example, was even higher. As of today, financial strength alone is no longer enough to dominate social media. These live from the fact that you specifically approach your own community and continuously uphold the exchange with that community. Companies that take this to heart and place their own customers at the center of their own social media strategy will be able to close the gap to even their biggest competitors in the medium to long term and increase their own influence in the market via social media. As a company, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity!

6. Communication between companies and customers has changed

The times in which consumers only deal with one-way communication, i.e. television, radio advertising, and the like, are long gone. Social media platforms give consumers the opportunity to communicate directly with ‘their’ companies and to express praise, criticism, and, of course, new ideas online. And: customers are happy to take advantage of this opportunity! Companies that ignore this reality indirectly signal to customers that they do not want to actively deal with them, their needs, and, above all, the criticism of their own products. If you shut yourself off completely from social media, this approach becomes an absolute competitive disadvantage with the current development of social media!

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