How to Play Solo Squads in Apex Legends

Gamers know how hard it is to get a decent squad to play. While most of us are comfortable playing with randoms, some gamers prefer to play even in games where squads dominate. The prime example of a team game is Apex Legends

With the March Chaos Theory Collection Event Update, Apex Legends now allows you to play with no-fill matchmaking, which means you will finally be able to play the game solo for real (without anyone else on your team).

You have the option to choose between a squad consisting of randoms or go full-on Rambo against a squad of three. Having said that, this guide will give you some insight on how to play a solo squad like a pro.

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Land in uncrowded locations

The first and most important tip when playing solo squad is to drop off somewhere safe. No matter how skilled you are, you are bound to get outplayed when going against a team.

Therefore, when playing solo, you should always try to drop at a location where there will be no one, and you will get enough loot and armor. Actively avoid those high-tier loot areas if you want to live since the majority of players will be landing there.

Use Burst Weapons

Since you are playing solo, you will need to knock down players real quick. If you want to do so, make sure you grab all the burst weapons, such as a Triple Take or a Longbow. Shotguns like Peacekeeper are also useful when fighting in close quarters.

In order to further enhance your accuracy, try finding the appropriate attachments for the weapons. These significantly reduce the bullet spread and help you successfully land your shot.

Choose the right legend

Depending on your playstyle, you should ensure that you choose the right legend. If you are someone who loves to play passive, legends like Gibraltar, Wattson, and Caustic might suit your playstyle. They are a pain to go against, especially when fighting in closed areas.

On the other hand, if you tend to play aggressively, then Pathfinder, Bangalore, Octane, and Mirage might be the ones for you. They are all really mobile and have abilities that help you hunt down enemies rather than hiding from them.

Don’t waste too much time looting

Another thing to remember is that you should not waste a lot of time looting when you are playing solo. Remember that a single headshot can take you out of the game when looting stationary.

Try to loot as fast as you can and never stand still in one position, else; you will be a free kill for someone sniping from the other end of the map.

Stay in the circle

One thing you should always do when playing solo is to try to stay in the circle. Since squads will most likely be coming when the ring is shrinking, your best bet to survive in Apex Legends is to remain in the circle before it starts to shrink.

Doing this not only will keep you safe but allow you to scout an area in advance or set up ambushes when going against multiple enemies.

Go stealth and play dirty

Since you will be going against a squad, chances are pretty high that you will lose almost every fight you encounter. It is nearly impossible to win one vs. three unless you are really skilled or enemies are noobs.

So, when going solo, make sure you camp and ambush as much as you can. Also, be sure to take out enemies when they are fighting with another squad. If you are playing Caustic, you can use your ult where there’s a fight going, causing confusion and chaos.


Hopefully, these tips and tricks mentioned above will help you win matches and play solo squads in Apex Legends. Since this is a team game, it will be really hard for solo players to win a team fight, let alone rounds.

Nonetheless, if you are fed up with bad teammates, you can try a solo squad and have fun. If you’ve something more to add, the comment section is always open!

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