Infinity Kingdom Gets loads of in Game Benefits

From July 28 through  July 31, Infinity Kingdom will commemorate a half-year since launch — with celebrations taking place both within and outside of the game. The Infinity Kingdom team will be sending fantastic gifts to players to thank them for their ongoing support.

Infinity Kingdom is a cartoon-style strategy mobile game, set in the legendary continent of Norheim where players must defend three kingdoms against the chaos wrought by pesky Gnome armies. They must join arms with other kingdoms as well as protect their own territories.

Across the celebrations, players can complete tasks to score free Castle Decorations which can be upgraded to gorgeous skins using Gems. Players can coordinate their decorations with the festivities to truly celebrate this event with the IK team!

The celebration is the perfect opportunity to gather Dragon Crystals and Immortal Fragments by exchanging Fruit of Hope picked from the sacred tree of Elpus. Each lord will get free chances to pick fruits, while Gems can be exchanged to gain extra chances.

Short on gems? Have no fear: logging in daily, you’ll have the opportunity to win various items and games. Both the “Giggle” emoticon and the emoji “Adore” are also rewards for players who complete celebration tasks and help push back the evil Gnomes.

The IK team has introduced a page dedicated to the festivities. Here players can view personal stats — previews of IK’s future updates and plans — as well as a special little project commemorating all the memories we’ve made so far in the past 6 months. Content on the page can be saved to either keep or share on social media.

Following its successful launch, Infinity Kingdom has received recommendations from the Google Play Store in more than 30 countries (including the UK and Germany) with awesome reviews. Infinity Kingdom is now available worldwide from Steam, the App Store and Google Play Store; download the game  and experience a whole new world!

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