Watch a trailer for King’s Bounty 2’s second playable character, Katharine

As is traditional with the King’s Bounty series, in King’s Bounty 2 you’ll be able to choose from three characters to lead your army while vying for the fantasy land of Nostria: a warrior, mage, or paladin. We’ve already seen the warrior, Aivar, and the paladin is yet to come, but 1C Entertainment have revealed the mage, named Katharine, in the trailer above.

According to Katharine’s backstory, “She spent more than 20 years away from Nostria, roaming the dragon ruins and the remains of ancient Antis, looking for arcane knowledge and magic. However, when Katharine stops receiving the taxes she needs to fund her expeditions and mystical research she discovers that her nephew, Maurice, has taken over her county. Outraged by this, she heads to the Universal Assembly in order to demand the return of her power from the King…”

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