Splitgate’s final release is delayed while studio revamps server infrastructure

Suddenly popular Portal-inspired FPS Splitgate was scheduled to launch into 1.0 on July 27 after a couple of years spent in Early Access, but that’s been delayed until August. It’s not altogether bad news: the current open beta will continue, and studio 1047 Games has received $10 million from a venture capital firm to expand its development team and help solve its critical server issues.

Though Splitgate struggled to maintain a viable playerbase after its initial Early Access launch in 2019, it saw a huge surge earlier this month when the beta launched and added crossplay compatibility with Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The increase was so big—and so unexpected—that 1047 Games has struggled to keep the game live over the past week. It was briefly taken offline late last week, and again today so that the studio could “focus on server optimizations to get ready Tuesday,” the formerly planned 1.0 launch day.

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