The best Genshin Impact characters 2021

Now that version 2.0 has finally launched, there are well and truly more Genshin Impact characters than you could ever hope to build, and even more are on the way. The Ayaka banner has started, but we’ve also got Pyro archer, Yoimiya, and the napping ninja, Sayu, arriving in early August. On top of that there’s an upcoming crossover character in the form of five-star Cryo archer Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, and that’s not even mentioning the Raiden Shogun, Sara, and Kokomi looking to arrive in version 2.1.

With so many new Genshin Impact characters, tier lists are more important than ever. With the right Constellations, Elemental Resonance, as well as weapons and artifacts, any character in the game is viable. But if you’re just starting out and don’t want to shell out money every time a new banner drops, it’s useful to know the the general strength, utility, and rarity of characters when you’re building a team.  Every Genshin Impact character can be powerful if you build them right, but chances are you’re never going to have every character. 

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