What are some of the popular live adult game genres?     

Are you new to the world of adult games? Or are you simply finding it difficult to get a great adult game to play? Well, you have nothing to worry about as we got your back. Sex games can be awesome, and even more exhilarating when played with a partner.

In this article, we’d introduce you to some of the top genres of live adult games you can play. Developers of live adult games often use the game as an excuse for pornography, and it’s understandable why, but behind all that, you can still find some really good adult games out there. Here are our top five live adult games we can recommend you check out.

First on our list is the less visual effect game, eroge visual novels. While eroge games may not contain so many sexual visuals, they contain enticing storytelling. Eroge games are famous for their engaging stories. So, if what you seek is a type of game that tells a story behind a sexual scene, then eroge games are right for you.

In addition, eroge games are super easy to play. You don’t need any special skills or finger dexterity. Unlike other live adult games, eroge games are the type of games that require the least skills to play effectively. All that’s needed to enjoy playing eroge games is to know how to read and understand, then you are good to go.

Next on our list is the more entertaining live adult games, sex cam video games. These games are similar to eroge games, but with one major difference, sex cam video games contain more visual effects. Based on surveys, gamers prefer to play sex cam video games than other types of games.

But playing sex cam video games is only possible when the player has a great machine capable of supporting the requirements of the game. Moreover, you need to have some finger dexterity to be able to play sex cam video games. Generally, sex cam video games are not the game you play when you simply want to play an erotic game while relaxing.

Another kind of live adult game you can find on the internet today is browser games. Unlike sex cam video games that require their player to have a powerful machine to support the game, browser games are hosted on the internet. So as long as you have a machine that can connect to the internet, and a good browser to support the game, you’re good to go.

Although browser games may not be the most visually attractive game to play because it contains fewer graphics and effects, nevertheless they are fun to play. Another advantage of browser games is that they don’t require you to download the application to your device.

If you’re an arcade game lover, then you’d be interested to know that there are live adult arcade games you can play. Unlike popular arcade games where you have to go to an arcade game house with your coin to play, these adult arcade games are either played online or downloaded to your device. And to top that, these adult arcade games contain the original arcade theme of your favorite arcade game with a twist of erotic content.

Similarly, these adult arcade games do not contain as many sexual effects as sex cam video games, but they are sure as interesting to play as video games. As such, arcade games are easy to play, and they require less finger dexterity than most sex video games.

Last, on our list, we have dating sim games. These games are more like eroge games, but they are quite different. Dating sim games contain more storytelling, but unlike eroge games, their stories are mostly inclined towards dating. The developers of this game aim to make its player simulate a dating experience.

Some dating sims are so life-like that they may even contain actual scenes of couples havineg sex, where the gamer will control its character all the way through the sex scenes.


In conclusion, if you’re an avid video gamer, and you have an affinity for adult live games, the genre of games suggested in this post will definitely make your day. Whether you’re more of an action person wanting loads of visual effects, or you’re in love with the good old-school games, you can be sure to find something for you.

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