Examples of Interesting Business and Technology Trends

You could be forgiven for thinking that 2020 was the year science forgot unless it was Covid 19 related. While a lot of research went into this, there were many other areas not covered. Scientists could have spent their free time playing kasyno darmowe gry, but they have carried on working as usual. Businesses are going to need help recovering over the next few years, and some projects are aimed at facilitating that.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Although it has been around for some time, it is becoming more a part of our daily lives. With many still working from home, it is going to be needed more and more. A particular role that will be required is a personal assistant. Its next role is likely to be determining the need for hospital beds by the real-time analysis of data. It has been suggested that the next boom in the jobs market will be people to further develop, test, and maintain the next generation. Along with these jobs, people will receive high salaries.

More recently, there has been a Virtual ship that is being used to simulate conditions the US Forces and Coast Guards may face.

Virtual, Extended and Augmented Reality

So far, the majority of the developments in this area have been involved with gaming. More recently, there has been a Virtual ship that is being used to simulate conditions the US Forces and Coast Guards may face. In 2021, it is likely that more areas of our lives will be affected. Areas covered will include training, education, marketing, and even helping with recovery after injuries. Surgery could be carried out, and further development could be found in entertainment. Working in this industry will increase, but it is likely to provide highly paid work as little experience would be needed.


Standing for the Internet of Things, it will allow items to exchange data by using the internet. Certain items can already – cars are an example of this as well as household appliances. IoT is already part of our lives via the ability to heat up the oven when out of the house and deal with the details on a Fitbit. As the technology improves, the business will further benefit. Medical care can be speeded up, and customer service improved. There will also be areas covered that have not even been considered then. The future is looking bright in this area as it is expected that 50 billion devices will be in use by 2030. Long before then, there will be a lot of money spent – 2022 should see 1.1 trillion US dollars spent. Growth should be driven from 5G and the like.

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2021 should see $6 trillion spent globally in cybersecurity


Despite its longevity, there is still a lot that can be developed regarding cybersecurity. It needs to keep evolving as there are always new threats being found. People who find it acceptable to try hacking now are not suddenly going to stop. There is a further reason, and that is because there will be new technology brought onto the market. Jobs in this area are increasing to deal with the demand. Funding is already being put in place, and an estimate has been made. 2021 should see $6 trillion spent globally in cybersecurity. High-paying roles will be increased, including security engineers, malware assistants, and ethical hackers.

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