Video Game Addicts: Is There a Way to Diagnose Depression?

Let’s face it: everyone must talk about depression openly. The mind is complex, and there is a lot going on inside. Depression is a broad term used for different mood disorders. Forms of escapism like video gaming are all too common with those suffering from depression. Moderation is fine, but when gaming is used as a cure, this is probably part of the problem. We live in a highly competitive world where everyone’s running in a race. Despite having all the luxuries of life, you may feel low and hopeless. Let’s take the example of a man who goes to the office in the morning and plays onlinecasinopolis in the evening. He steps out for a date with his girlfriend every night, but as soon as he gets back, he is not able to sleep and starts crying for no reason. All these could be signs of depression. 

Forms of escapism like video gaming are all too common with those suffering from depression.

There are many sub-types, so it’s important to diagnose depression. Hold that thought! Is there a way to diagnose it? Our mind is tailored in such a fashion that we are used to getting laboratory tests done. Lab tests are not going to help much in diagnosing depression. But there are doctors who know how to categorize your depression. It could be chronic depression or some other type of clinical depression. 

Here’s an article that sheds light on ways to diagnose depression. Is there a way? You will find out. 

Depression cannot be cured with alcohol, drugs or other addictions such as video games.

Why is it Important to Diagnose Depression? 

There are millions of people in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries around the world. People battling with depression try to self-medicate with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and other intoxicating products. 

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Depression cannot be cured with alcohol, drugs or other addictions such as video games. It is an escape, but such substances or addictions do not help in curing the disease. It’s vital to diagnose depression simply because a happy person radiates positivity. If you are depressed, you will never be satisfied with anything. Moreover, you will get unwanted suicidal thoughts that are not healthy for your brain. 

Diagnosis: Spotting the Symptoms 

The first thing your doctor will ask you is the following – How do you feel? They basically want to understand the symptoms. If you are depressed, you will have the following symptoms:

  1. Insomnia – You will have difficulty falling asleep. You turn several times and try to catch a few winks. 
  2. Lack of energy – You do not feel like getting up from the bed and doing everyday things like meeting people, watching television, or indulging in a hobby. 
  3. Sad mood all through the day – You feel sad throughout the day. There could be a reason, or there may not be any reason. 
  4. No more enjoyment – You don’t like doing things that you enjoyed doing earlier. 
  5. Hopelessness – You feel hopeless and helpless, like there is no solution to the problem. 
  6. Suicidal thoughts – You might feel that the best way to end your problems is to put an end to life. You don’t feel like living or loving anyone. Your mind gets tired of day-to-day tasks or just living everyday life. 

So, talking is the best way to diagnose depression. Your doctor will speak to you and note down the symptoms. If you have more than four symptoms, there is a problem. Remember that depression can be treated. Therapists recommend several methods to calm your nerves and induce positive thoughts. So, don’t lose hope and speak to a doctor. Depression can last for a few weeks, months, and even years. Don’t take it lightly – put the controller or bottle down and get help today.

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