Naraka: Bladepoint is pretty fun once you escape bot purgatory

When my Naraka: Bladepoint playtime was still within Steam‘s two hour easy refund window, I was not having fun. Martial arts battle royale is a great idea, but I was disappointed by the execution from Hangzhou-based studio 24 Entertainment. The progression and monetization systems look like a lot of work to unpack, the English localization is sloppy, and your first match is against bots who behave more like dust particles caught in air currents than players. It seemed pretty bad. 

A few more hours and one heartbreaking second place finish later, however, and my favorite character and I both achieved Greater Understanding. For travelling monk Tianhai, that was a Cultivation reward tier in one of a reckless number of progression systems. For me, it was the understanding that Naraka: Bladepoint is a pretty good videogame.

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