Is PC gaming for everyone yet?

Accessibility Week

The Xbox Adaptive Controller

(Image credit: Future)

This feature is part of PC Gamer’s Accessibility Week, running from August 16, where we’re exploring accessible games, hardware, mods and more. 

Last year’s installment of The Game Awards celebrated the first Innovation in Accessibility award. This was alongside numerous other events recognising accessibility for the first time, and dedicated efforts like the Video Game Accessibility Awards. It’s a topic that’s more visible than it’s ever been, but does this reflect gaming generally?

While we might talk about some games as being ‘accessible to new players’ or an ‘accessible entry point to a niche genre’, accessibility here means access for disabled people—who make up 20% of working age adults in the UK, and 10.4% in the US. So while mainstream games awards may have their flaws—rewarding some of the industry’s darker aspects like crunch and abusive management—it’s still meaningful when they recognise efforts to remove the barriers that might exclude us.

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