Stunt on colossal bosses in an ocean of goo in the gorgeous Solar Ash | PC Gamer

There’s a moment, near the end of my recent hands-off preview of Solar Ash, where an inky black monster clambers over the moon and utterly fills the screen. Our protagonist, a ‘Voidrunner’ named Rei, dashes over the cracked shells that make up its hide, skating between weak spots like the boss was a level unto itself. It’s at this point that Heart Machine founder Alx Preston says: “This is the smallest boss by an order of magnitude.”

Solar Ash shares plenty with Preston’s previous work, the beautiful and singular Hyper Light Drifter. Both feature dream-like pastel worlds, a haunting Disasterpeace soundtrack, and a fashion sense that heavily favours masks. But over the course of our demo, it became clear that Solar Ash is a vastly more ambitious project than its predecessor—and not just in terms of boss girth.

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