Where is Destroyed Dish in Fortnite

Where is Destroyed Dish in Fortnite? As part of Season 8, we now have the chance to customise Toona Fish in Fortnite. Sure you can go all out and make your fish the talk of the match with a brilliant sheen of Mezmerizing Violet or Cuddly Pink, but I’m here to help you go for a more subtle style: Robotic Grey.

If that sounds like your thing, you’ll need to find the Fortnite Destroyed Dish area. This is one of a slew of challenges to come with the new season, but remember you can also unlock some styles by collecting rainbow ink from regular and cosmic loot chests across the map. Anyway, back to Robotic Grey. Here’s where to find the Destroyed Dish so you can add this special bottle to your collection.

Fortnite Destroyed Dish location: Where to find Robotic Grey

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(Image credit: Epic Games)

This spot is a little tricky to find if you don’t know the world like the back of your hand: it’s not a named area. That said, once you approach it, its size means it’s a tough one to miss. The large, ruined metallic structure is found roughly between Dirty Docks and Corny Crops.

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