Blue’s stellar voice modulation software now available on all Yeti Mics

Blue Microphones and Logitech, aka makers of one of the best USB mics out there, has announced that its impressive voice modulation software, Blue VO!CE, will be available to all Blue Yeti, Yeti X, and Yeti Nano microphones, and not just its premium sets. 

This means you don’t have to spend nearly $200 on a higher-end Yeti microphone to mod your voice to sound like a classic radio host, robot, or demon. So, if you’re using something like the Yeti Nano, which is Blue’s best budget mic, you’ll have full access to VO!CE’s suite of audio settings. You can add voice effects like reverb or even a background chorus, perfect for content creators who like to sing on camera or adding some spice to your DnD Discord game.

VO!CE is accessible through the Logitech G HUB app; from here, you can adjust gain, pitch, ambiance and get as granular as you’d like with how your voice sounds and save the results.

Shot of user created voice profiles on BLUE VOICE

(Image credit: Future)

One of my favorite VO!CE features is not the use of an exclam in the name, but the massive library of user-created voice profiles for pretty much any type of recording scenario. It’s an excellent resource for anyone who doesn’t feel like creating their own, and would rather have someone else do the hard work and still sound great.

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