New World server status day 2: thousands are still waiting in queues, dreading errors

The day after launch, New World server queues continue to hit the thousands, with some players waiting hours to play Amazon’s new MMO. Others, however, are jumping into servers immediately after creating their characters. It’s a slightly odd situation: There are lots of New World servers with no queues—Amazon has added a bunch since launch—but many players still have to line up to join the servers where they started, or where their guildmates or friends are.

Certain servers are ultra-popular because streamers and YouTubers have said they’re playing in them. Shroud has chosen US West server Celadon, for instance, and 823 people were in the Celadon queue at midday local time despite plenty of queueless options. Other servers have been claimed by big MMO guilds and Discord communities, whose ranks and fans are pushing the worlds well past their 2,000-player population caps.

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