New World’s jump is hot garbage

Like many people, I washed up on the sandy shores of Aeternum yesterday with New World’s release. I’ve done a bit of poking around, killed some skeletons and donned some new clothes, but I’m still yet to properly sink my teeth into the game. There have already been some notable frustrations, like the horribly lit character creator—made even more annoying by the fact you can’t change your appearance later down the line. There’s also the pretty dire queue times, though they should stabilise over the coming days.

The one thing that has flabbergasted me more than anything so far, however, is just how shit the jump is in this game. I love a good, satisfying videogame jump. I don’t care if my character doesn’t conform to the logical physics of the universe, big, dramatic leaps feel damn good. Especially in MMOs where you’re spending a good chunk of your time walking around, having a cheeky jump run from points A to B can make for a more visually interesting journey. Especially in a game that, for whatever reason, doesn’t have mounts.

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