Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League—everything we know

Excited to learn more about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League? It’s fair to say that if you’re a DC fan, there are a couple of big games to look forward to in the not too distant future. Announced at the DC Fandome presentation in 2020, we heard that we’ll be getting two superhero and villain games soon. Gotham Knights will be following some Bat Family while Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will have us tagging along with some favorite villains.

While we haven’t heard much about Kill The Justice League just yet, we have an interview with Rocksteady’s creative director to scour for details, and a couple story trailers to dissect in the meantime. There are characters and hints about the story to uncover, as well as villains to discuss. So, let’s cover everything we know so far about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

When is the Suicide Squad release date?

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will launch sometime in 2022, though Warner Bros. hasn’t announced a specific date. 

Kill The Justice League was originally announced for 2022, while WB’s other DC game Gotham Knights was planned for 2021. Knights has since been delayed to 2022, and as far as we know they’re now both coming sometime next year.

Here are the Suicide Squad trailers we’ve seen so far

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League trailer

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

The first cinematic teaser trailer for Suicide Squad peppers in a decent amount of background on the dynamics of the gang, the terms of Task Force X, and the villains of the game. As you can guess, the villains are the protagonists in this story and the usual heroes are the villains instead. 

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