Best Google Pixel 6 Pro screen protectors 2021

Google Pixel 6 Pro screen protectors
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The Google Pixel 6 Pro has quickly proven to be one of the best Android phones on the market, but its screen has presented challenges for accessory makers. For example, the in-screen fingerprint sensor hasn’t played nice with tempered glass screen protectors, and the curved edges of the screen make it easier for protectors to peel up or not sit correctly. This means you need to pay extra special attention to the screen protector you buy, and these are the best Pixel 6 Pro screen protectors you can purchase right now.

Armorsuit Google Pixel 6 Pro Matte Screen Protector Case Friendly

No more glare:
ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Case Friendly Anti-Bubble Matte Film

Staff pick

This U.S.-made screen protector isn’t glossy like most on this list. Instead, the matte finish on the TPU materials allows you to better read what’s on your Pixel 6 Pro when you’re in bright conditions. Self-healing technology means minor cuts and dents eventually buff out over time.

$11 at Amazon

Skinomi Pixel 6 Pro Screen Protector

Thin but durable:
Skinomi TechSkin TPU Anti-Bubble HD Film (2-Pack

Another self-healing film, Skinomi’s variety, is case-friendly and comes with an installation solution to help you achieve the perfect placement the first time. It comes with a spare, but these TPU films are durable enough that you shouldn’t need to use them for a long time.

$9 at Amazon

Tocol Google Pixel 6 Pro Screen Protector

TOCOL Google Pixel 6 Pro TPU Screen Protector + Camera Lens Protector (4-Pack)

The high-quality material in these TPU screen protectors is imported from Japan and features nano slow rebound technology, protecting your screen from scratches and shatters. The 99.99% HD camera lens protector maintains the original beauty of every photo and video.

$11 at Amazon

IQ shield Google Pixel Pro 6 Screen Protector

Simple yet effective:
IQ Shield Google Pixel 6 Pro Screen Protector (2-Pack)

This two-pack also includes a squeegee, a lint-free cloth, and step-by-step installation instructions. The company uses an anti-bubble adhesive combined with an innovative application method for quick and easy installation that leaves your film free of bubbles.

$9 at Amazon

Uniqueme Google Pixel 6 Pro Screen Protector

Highly responsive:
UniqueMe Google Pixel 6 Pro Screen Protector + Camera Lens Protector (4-Pack)

While tempered glass screen protectors for the front of your Pixel 6 Pro can give you trouble, it has no such issues covering your cameras. Instead, UniqueMe’s four-pack gives you the best protection for each side of your phone at an excellent price.

$13 at Amazon

Supershieldz Google Pixel 6 Pro Screen Protector

The basics:
Supershieldz Google Pixel 6 Pro TPU Screen Protector (2-Pack)

Supershieldz is excellent at providing a wide range of ways to protect your screen, including this basic two-pack of TPU screen protectors for the Google Pixel 6 Pro. The high-quality TPU material offers amazing transparency that ensures maximum resolution and real touch sensitivity for a natural feel that you’ll love.

Best Google Pixel 6 Pro screen protectors: Navigating the complications

As mentioned above, the Pixel 6 Pro’s fingerprint sensor is more sensitive, which leads to more bad reads and frustration. While the optical sensor under the 6 Pro’s screen shouldn’t have issues with any screen protectors — after all, OnePlus has used them for years — there have been widespread reports of the 6 Pro’s fingerprint sensor not working properly with most tempered glass screen protectors. This led to review-bombing on most early-tempered glass protectors before accessory makers stopped selling them and figured out what changes needed to be made before offering them again.

However, you’ll need to go with a flexible TPU screen protector like the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield or Skinomi TechSkin for protection against scratches. Film screen protectors will not protect against shatters the way tempered glass does, but they will still work with the fingerprint sensor, and unlike glass, film protectors are self-healing so that they can work out little divots and dents.

If you want another screen protection option for the Pixel 6 Pro, you’ll want to look at a specific subset of Google Pixel 6 Pro cases: multilayer cases with built-in screen protectors. Cases like the Poetic Revolution, Supcase UB Pro, and i-Blason Cosmo series have a circle of adhesive and exact instructions to adhere the screen protector to the screen over the fingerprint sensor. I have used the i-Blason Cosmo Series, and when installed correctly, you get full-screen protection without any problems with the fingerprint sensor.

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