Final Fantasy 7 Remake is bringing the $70 game to PC

A glance at Steam’s top sellers reveals games at all sorts of prices: $60, $40, $30, $15, $4. Game prices are more flexible and fluid than they’ve ever been, but triple-A games on consoles still mostly aim for the exact same price: $60 for PlayStation 4 / Xbox One, or $70 for the “next-gen” PS5 / Xbox Series X version. For the last year publishers have held back from bringing that $70 price to PC, but it looks like Square Enix is about to break the seal.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming to the Epic Games Store on December 16th, where it’s priced at $69.99. Square Enix seems to be plunging boldly ahead with $70 PC games, as it also announced that next year’s Forspoken, coming in May, will be the same price.

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