The best Genshin Impact Gorou build

Want a decent Genshin Impact Gorou build for his release? This general of the Watatsumi Island resistance has been around since version 2.0, but is only just arriving in-game as a playable character. He’s a pretty strong Geo support, and it’s likely that long-term, he’ll be the most widely used character from the Genshin Impact 2.3 update—please don’t hit me, Itto.

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While Gorou’s ability damage scales with defense once you unlock his ‘Favor Repaid’ passive, one of the reasons he’s so strong is that his banner buffs are based on the number of Geo party members you have. This makes him a great party-specific elemental support character in a way we haven’t really seen in the game so far. Arataki Itto could be compared to Noelle, for example, but the closest comparison for Gorou that I can think of is C6 Bennett as a Pyro buff character.

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