The Matrix Awakens contains 38,146 driveable cars, of which we can drive none

The trailer shown at The Game Awards didn’t do it justice—Unreal Engine 5 demo the Matrix Awakens is impressive. At Geoff Keighley’s gamestravaganza, we got to see a cute bit of patter between Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, a teaser scene of the Matrix Revolutions, and a peek of the Matrix Awakens that made it seem like a very pretty, Matrix-themed rail shooter.

That shooter section is only a small portion of the whole thing. The Matrix Awakens, in its entirety, is an expansive, detailed simulation of a city in Unreal Engine 5. More than graphical fidelity or photorealism, it presents simulations of pedestrian and vehicle traffic that are both expansive and highly detailed. The project’s announcement post claims:

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