The PC Gamer 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Once again it is that season, the season of buying things for people you know to make them go “Huh, thanks, I guess.” If you’d like to incite more of a reaction than the usual grunting from your teenagers and other ungrateful loved ones, we’ve gathered up some potential gifts for gamers that are sure to go down a treat. These are things they’ll cherish, love, and consider in their hearts forever. I mean, who can resist feeling grateful under the gaze of Geralt in bathtub form? Not I. 

We’ve sorted these into budget-aware categories of $25 or less, $50-ish, and $100 or more. At the top we’ve got our personal favourites, regardless of price, and the list closes with some neat tabletop games and gifts to please the melomaniac in your life. 

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