The Witcher season 2 review: It’s all about dads

There’s a certain joy to watching a sarcastic, buff, and altogether quite terrifying man transform into a caring and devoted father figure. The first season of Netflix’s The Witcher focused heavily on transformations and mutations, and while Season 2’s pace is slower, change is still a central theme: Geralt and Ciri have found each other, Yennefer’s fiery gambit has sent her in a new direction, and the northern kingdoms have been warped by fear and hatred following Nilfgaard’s violent expansion.

The time jumps are out this season. One episode picks up where the last one ended, and the story spans months, not decades. Flashbacks and visions are more obvious this time around. It makes the show more conventional and each episode less distinct, but after previewing the first six of eight episodes, Season 2 hits the mark. 

It’s grim as hell in parts, but there are some cracking one-liners and at least one catchy new tune to balance things out.

The Witcher season 2

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