Is this what Arma 4 will look like? Bohemia Interactive reveals new engine

Bohemia Interactive, the creator of DayZ and the Arma series, has unveiled its new engine—”Enfusion”—with a public website and a video showcasing its impressive capabilities. The studio confirmed that “any potential new Arma game” will be built in this engine.

Bohemia’s shooters have a strong simulation bent, with complex systems married to impressive (and taxing) graphical fidelity. Bohemia is looking to maintain that high standard with Enfusion, while also lowering its demands on hardware. 

“Games built with Enfusion will run much better than before,” Bohemia said. “We want your 16-core PC Master Race builds to sweat, but we also want to make sure everyone can enjoy their content across various builds and console generations.”

(Image credit: Bohemia Interactive)

It also seems Bohemia is looking to make more of a splash in the console space with its future projects. The retail edition of DayZ has been its only console game to-date, and was made with a prototype version of Enfusion (the game was “a hybrid of old and new technology,” Bohemia says). With regards to future console releases, Bohemia stated:

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