Minecraft videos now have 1 trillion views on YouTube, but the most popular ones aren’t actually made in Minecraft

Minecraft has been around over a decade now and in that time diamond axes and creepers and Steve’s blocky head have become ubiquitous. They’ve also been all over YouTube and today the platform is celebrating over 1 trillion Minecraft video views with some impressive stats about all the many creations to date. I’ve spent my fair share of time watching Minecraft livestreams, building guides, and more, but those haven’t been the most popular Minecraft videos for the past decade. All this time, the most-viewed Minecraft YouTube videos weren’t even made in Minecraft at all.

To commemorate the milestone, YouTube has pulled together some visual representations of all the biggest Minecraft videos on the platform since 2010. They’re broken down into categories I expected like “Survival Games” and “Survival Multiplayer” and “Speedrun” but are also joined by the likes of “Role-play” and “Animation”. Although popularity varies by country, which YouTube has also shown, the consistently dominant category over the years has been animation with nearly 5 billion views in both 2020 and 2021. 

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