The Sims competitor Paralives shows off its highly flexible character creator

I’m keeping a close eye on Paralives, which could wind up being a competitor to the uncontested life simulation juggernaut that is The Sims 4. Paralives is still in prealpha, with no announced release date, but the Paralives team gives us occasional glimpses at some of its features in development, like housebuilding, which we saw back in June.

This week Paralives showed off more of its character creation tools, which look impressively extensive and flexible. Starting with a number of body sliders to adjust the size of just about anything from head to toe (though there aren’t actually toe sliders), we move on to a few body hair options (something The Sims 4 doesn’t have without mods) and tattoos, which you can scale, rotate, and drag around the character’s body until you’re happy with the placement. Pretty cool.

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