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The very idea of the best gaming projector might sound like an oxymoron but, forget the lag-heavy beamers of yesterday, today’s gaming projectors may just surprise you. While a projector isn’t likely to beat the immense contrast levels of an OLED panel, like those in our best gaming TVs roundup, you’ll find the response times of modern projectors have improved immensely. Many are even able to match the rapid refresh rates some of the best gaming monitors can dish out.

With projectors now surpassing expectations in terms of latency, portability, and definition, it’s not so much of a stretch for companies to dub their designs ‘gaming projectors.’ And there are plenty of benefits to using a projector for big-screen gaming in place of a TV, too. As well as it being a mighty space saver, a projector is also a much smaller target for kids (or adults) who have a tendency to throw controllers. It’s also much easier to shift a projector around to suit your space than it is a TV. 

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