Devotion studio Red Candle is working on a Taopunk action-platformer with ‘Sekiro-inspired’ combat

Red Candle Games announced a year ago that it was working on a new game. It didn’t note anything about it, but we noted at the time that its first two games, Detention and Devotion, are horror joints, and I think it’s fair to say that influenced our expectations to a certain extent. Today, we finally found out what’s coming, and it appears to be almost completely different from its predecessors.

“[Nine Sols is] a lore-rich, hand-drawn 2D action platformer with Sekiro-inspired deflection-focused combat,” Red Candle tweeted. “Embark on a journey of Asian fantasy, explore the land once home to an ancient alien race, and follow a vengeful hero’s quest to slay Nine Sols, rulers of a forsaken realm.”

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