In The Witcher season 1 Yennefer finally got her due

Readers spend substantially less time in Yennefer’s head than in Geralt’s or Ciri’s in Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher books. Of the three characters the Netflix version focuses on, she has the most blank space to fill in. In the first season we got to know her in ways we never had a chance to before.

Yennefer’s magical abilities first manifest when she subconsciously portals from the farm where she grew up in the kingdom of Aedirn to the Tower of the Gull at Aretuza, presumably drawn by its magical energy. At the time she’s trying to escape from the villagers who torment her for having a curved spine. Her natural magical talent—her connection to chaos—is set off by fear and anger. That’s something this version of Yennefer has in common with Ciri, as well as elvish blood. (In the books, they also share a birthday.)

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