The Witcher comics ranked from worst to best

In one of the collections of Witcher comics there’s an interview with Borys Pugacz-Muraszkiewicz, a lead writer at CD Projekt Red, where he talks about writing a story bible for the first Witcher game. When they were setting down the basics of tone and so on they decided to give Geralt the abrupt speech patterns of a comic book character (something the Netflix series would adopt as well). Borys doesn’t name names, but videogame Geralt has always made me think of Wolverine. If you’ve read the books you’ll know in those pages Geralt can be quite garrulous, while in the games he’s allergic to prepositions. In the comics based on The Witcher, he speaks with the same terse style as the games, and it feels like a homecoming.

The stories in videogame comics are usually irrelevant filler—with exceptions like Team Fortress 2, of course. But because the Witcher games embrace sidequests, imbuing the workaday monster-hunting Geralt does with as much significance as the main plot, the better spin-offs don’t feel trivial. Think of these as sidequests no less fun or worthwhile than that one with the talking pigs or the one where Geralt gets drunk and wakes up with a tattoo, and you’ll be coming at them from the right direction. 

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