Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs change the game in every way

At the exact point where art and science meet, that’s where you’ll find Samsung’s remarkable new Quantum Mini LED TV technology. It allows Samsung Neo QLED televisions to set entirely new standards where picture quality, energy efficiency and audio quality are concerned. It even enables the TVs to be slimmer and more elegant than ever before.

By significantly reducing the size of the LEDs used to backlight a screen’s Quantum Dots, Samsung creates space for significantly more of them. Quantum Mini LED is 40 times smaller than a conventional LED, so Samsung NeoQLED TVs can feature many thousands of of these lights.

The effects are apparent in every respect. The QE65QN800A, QE55QN94A and QE55QN85A Samsung NeoQLED TVs are elegant, super-slim objects that look good in any environment. The QE65QN800A, with its 8K resolution and stunning next-generation picture quality, also features Samsung’s One Connect box, which keeps the number of connection cables to the screen down to just one. So a Samsung NeoQLED TV enhances, rather than distracts from, the environment in which it’s positioned.

A Samsung Neo QLED TV.

(Image credit: Samsung)

And once it’s in position, the benefits are even more obvious. Such small, and such numerous Quantum Mini LEDs let Samsung’s Quantum Matrix technology exert the most precise, most focussed control of contrast and brightness. Black tones are deeper and more nuanced, and white tones pop from the screen – which means contrast details are richer than ever before.

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