The Matrix Online may have died in 2009, but there’s still a ghost in the machine

The faint remnants of The Matrix Online still reverberate somewhere in the ether. I’m not saying it’s possible to jack in, but… well, do some Googling and you may or may not find a website dedicated to emulating this beloved, doomed MMO long after its funeral. You may or may not uncover a hyperlink that downloads a preserved version of the game client and a crack designed to jailbreak it from Sony’s rigamortis grasp. You may or may not be asked to fabricate login credentials, and you may or may not watch your computer seize up as it attempts to render assets that have been left to atrophy since 2009.

Against all odds, The Matrix Online keeps finding ways to stubbornly survive

But if you follow the white rabbit long enough—if you take the red pill and eschew the moldering firewalls like the brave pirates of the Nebuchadnezzar once did—you will eventually find those abandoned greyscale buildings, that queasy smog-stained sky, and a deep, permeating sense of loss. The Matrix Online shambles on, creaky but undeterred.

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