The Witcher season 2, episode 7 recap: A change of heart

All hell breaks loose in the penultimate episode of The Witcher’s second season, with betrayals on all fronts. The friendship between Nilfgaard and the elves breaks down, Yen has run off with Ciri, and Jaskier says goodbye to his new mice pals after a lovely a capella sing-song together. There’s warmth here and there, but the action starts to ramp up as we reach the finale.

Yen and Ciri appear in the house of the woman who took Ciri in as her own in the first season, near Cintra and close to where she met Geralt. She felt safe there, but that’s no longer the case—fire-fucker Rience has been here. Once again, someone who helped Ciri is dead, and she’s consumed by the grief of it, worrying for Geralt’s safety. Ever the opportunist, Yen persuades her that Geralt might have been captured by Nilfgaard and could be held in Cintra—conveniently where the black door she needs to sacrifice Ciri is. 

Episode details

Episode 7

“Voleth Meir”

Written by: Mike Ostrowski

Directed by: Louise Hooper


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