The Witcher season 2 has another song that deserves to go viral

After debuting in The Witcher season 1, Toss a Coin to Your Witcher became a viral sensation. There were rather a lot of cover versions, and it was made into a level in VR rhythm game Beat Saber. A gold medal-winning sharpshooter and noted Witcher fan was welcomed home with a Russian version of it. It’s no surprise that The Witcher season 2 gives noted bard and Geralt BFF Jaskier a couple of new songs to sing. (Spoilers below.)

When Jaskier is reintroduced, he’s wearing a hat and fronting a band, having completed his transformation from a lowly bard being pelted with vegetables to the Continent’s first rock star. As he sings Burn Butcher Burn to the delight of a full tavern, it becomes clear that even though he’s famous and the ladies love him, Jaskier’s still not happy. A certain witcher broke his heart back in season 1 and inspired a song so popular he has to relive the agony every time he performs. Jaskier: basically the Taylor Swift of the Witcher universe.

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