Using Games as a Support Tool to Teach History

Gaming in education is perceived as interference to learning though its contribution to education has been increasing the engagement and motivation of students. When games are used for teaching history then students’ visual skills improve besides their collaboration and interaction capabilities. They can mingle well with their peers and also apply different gaming values in real-world situations. And so, educational technology is hugely utilized for simplifying as well as augmenting learning.

The notable thing is the utilization of technology in education doesn’t impact the achievement of students directly but leaves an effect because every technology tool should be in sync with the curriculum for turning effective. The use of some gaming websites, like QuizApes, always turns fruitful for teaching history as history is commonly related to facts. This website is formed on quizzes. It comprises various tests and quizzes in various fields and tries to entertain students besides helping them in learning the newest trends and news.

The potential of video games

A video game has the strength of immersing students in faraway worlds besides permitting them to critically think about causes and effects. They can also think about various historical events the way they did unfold. Again, they can also brood about some probable results. These things are crucial for historical thinking procedures.

While implementing video games in a class, teachers should keep in mind that not all kids are gamers, and not every student is interested in playing video games. Still, video games can turn into significant learning tools. Additionally, teachers must be active facilitators and notice their teachable moments. Video games will certainly not teach a class and so, superb teachers are always required who can turn everything together. Hence, you must not bother whether or not historical games are entirely accurate as at times, inaccuracies too spark class discussion as well as analysis.

Making learning fun

When students’ learning will be fun then more and more students would wish to engage in this fun. And so, it is important for you to incorporate video games right into your history class not only for fun but for turning them beneficial for the learning of students. The strength of a video game will make the ancient worlds more interesting to explore and so, they will not remain confined to textbooks’ pages only. This way, teachers might end up inspiring young historians to pursue their careers in more thrilling historical video games.

Games should be utilized in the form of support tools for complementing customary methods of teaching and it is done for augmenting the learners’ learning experience besides teaching them some other skills like adaptation, following rules, interaction, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking competencies, excellent sportsmanship besides many others.

You need to keep in mind that learning must be interesting and it shouldn’t mean rote memorization where students do learn as well as grasp concepts via cramming or repetition. Again, teachers must take benefits of highly innovative thinking and energy that are provided by utilizing technologies for improving the performance of students.

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