Best Multiplayer Game 2021: Chivalry 2

Medieval slash-’em-up Chivalry 2 is the winner of our Best Multiplayer award. For more of awards, head to our GOTY 2021 hub, which we’ll be updating throughout December.

Morgan Park, Staff Writer: In a world of multiplayer games that are either ultra-competitive or glorified checklists, Chivalry 2 is a rare game that just wants you to hop into a match and go effin’ wild. Objectives are little more than set dressing for its impressively massive 64-player battles. You can push the battering ram toward the castle with your team, but no one will begrudge you for ignoring it and going on a kicking spree instead. One time I decided I was allergic to swords and only killed people with dismembered arms and heads (it went surprisingly well).

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