Corsair’s new DDR5 RAM clocks in at 6.4GHz out of the box

A new age of RAM is upon us with the introduction of DDR5, but as with most PC components these days, you’d be lucky to get your hands on any. It’s so much of a problem that eBay scalpers are selling sticks for up to six times the retail price, and with some folks picking up fancy new DDR5 compatible motherboards, with nowhere else to turn they may just pay it. 

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But still, DDR5 is the new hotness and this means gamers are going to want it. Back in the ancient days of DDR4, we often saw overclockers working around the clock to try to get those sweet high speeds. In 2019 G.Skill managed a whopping 6GHz using an 8GB Trident Z Royal module. Micron then took the record by a few extra Hz with an 8GB Crucial Ballistix Elite 4000 memory module.

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