Valve and Geico team up for a Portal-themed insurance ad

Geico is a US-based insurance company famous for its Cockney gecko mascot. Valve is a US-based videogame company that made a pair of puzzle games starring a deranged, malevolent AI. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the two of them came together? Of course you haven’t, because why would they, right?

Well, they did. Earlier this month, Geico released a new advertisement entitled “The Gecko Visits Portal,” and that’s exactly what it is: The gecko has somehow wound up in the Aperture Science labs, and he’s looking for help to get out—from GlaDOS. Of course, the villainous machine is reluctant to offer aid, and things quickly go awry in a fashion that will no doubt be familiar to anyone who’s played Portal—but not before money is saved!

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