Poki Games: how to play all the games you love from one place

Online video games are a great way to pass the time and spend time with friends and family while bonding. However, finding good games suitable for all ages can be tricky. This is where Poki games online come into play.

With Poki, you can find different categories of games all in one place. If you are into adventure or car racing, they have it all. Therefore, you do not have to struggle looking for great games to play when you are in the company of family and friends.

What are Poki Games?

Poki is a gaming website that offers its users great games that span various categories. There are games for boys, girls, and different other categories. Players can effortlessly find their game of choice right on the homepage. All you need to do is select what category you are mainly interested in.

These games are suited for children, and adults can have their fair share of fun. There are all kinds of games on this website, which will be sure to satisfy your urge to play.
On the website, no registration is required to play any games. Therefore, you can access the website, play the game and quit whenever you want. The games are from a wide variety of developers. All the developers are well qualified to provide quality games for all ages.

Poki claims they use algorithms to pick games that are shown based on user preference. Players can use the search button on the website to input a general theme of the game they want or even the game’s name. Furthermore, here, games are grouped by topics like board games, soccer, or puzzle.

Some games have a multi-player feature for individuals interested in human competition, while others are single-player.

The most popular Poki Games

Poki has many games that are all interesting in equal measure. However, there are several which stand out. They include:

  • Subway surfers– this is an endless runner game available on Poki. In this game, the player is a graffiti artist caught painting on a railway site by an officer. The player must run through the railway tracks and try to escape from the officer, who may also have a dog. There are several rewards and obstacles as you pass every stage.
  • Rabbids wild race – is a Nano game that has reached over one million plays since its launch. It is a multi-player game that involves up to 32 players. Here, the player will launch ahead of the competitors and collect coins along the way to finish victoriously. However, you will face various obstacles from other players along the way.
  • Stickman Hook- is an endless game where the players benefit by having good timing skills. It is, however, not suitable for children under eight years, and for children between 9-15, parental guidance is required. It is a game that requires the player to navigate through an obstacle course by swinging from point to point like a monkey with the help of a rope.
  • Rodeo Stampede – is an endless epic game involving wrassling with stampede critters. When the player gets on the bull, they have to hold on as long as possible using the various controls. It is just like a real-life rodeo competition.
  • Temple run 2– this is a beautiful game suitable for persons above eight years. In the game, the player has to successfully navigate through zip lines, dangerous cliffs, forests, and mines, all in a bid to escape with the cursed idol.
  • Gold digger- gold digger is a platform game that requires the player to go on a quest to locate fortunes in gold. However, there are other players, and the one who outwits the rest wins the game.
  • Retro bowl– this is an American football video game. In the game, the player has to control the offense team while doubling up as the team manager. The game uses simple mechanics, making it all the more popular among lovers and critics alike.

The most played categories on Poki

There are many categories on this website. That is because everyone has their preference when it comes to gaming.

Here are several popular categories:

Boy games

Boys are mainly drawn in towards action, adventure, and racing games. Therefore, you are guaranteed to find the perfect games to keep your son’s mind occupied for a while. Some of these games are:

  • Ben 10: World Rescue
  • Agent P: rebel spy
  • Racer 3D

Girl games

Girls, unlike boys, are not into games that involve shooting, racing, or any of those kinds of games. On Poki, you will find games that are specifically designed for girls. Some include:

  • frozen games
  • Dress up games
  • Princess games
  • Hypno Bliss: Powerpuff Girls

Cartoon games

Children below ten years are mainly drawn towards cartoon games that they can easily relate to because they have watched them on television. Some of the most popular cartoon games are:

  • Water sons
  • Craig of the creek
  • Ben Ten

Gaming has been proven to improve brain and hand coordination, especially among children. Therefore, it is not solely about enjoyment but also about psychological development. Further, certain games improve the child’s problem-solving and timing skills, which they can apply in real life.

Therefore, pick a few games that will ultimately be beneficial to your child’s life.

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