Micron’s new NVMe M.2 SSDs can pack 2TBs into 2230 form factor

Earlier this week, in the unfortunate shadow of CES 2022, Micron released a 2TB M.2 2230 SSD which might just be the perfect upgrade for anyone out there interested in a beefier Steam Deck.

The reveal came during the announcement of Micron’s new 2400 SSD, which uses what the company is boasting to be the “industry’s first 176-layer QLC NAND”.  You can also find this new Micron NAND inside Crucial drives. Micron claims this means they can make SSDs smaller with greater performance. Those in this new series of 2400 SSDs have several configurable options when purchasing which include capacities from 512 GB to 2 TB as well as sizing options, which include M.2 2042, 2280, and of course 2230.

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