What are Minecraft Realms and how to create one

Want to know more about Minecraft Realms? If you’ve been playing the blocky building and survival game for a while now, you may be interested in starting your own space for yourself and your pals. The best way to do this is with Minecraft Realms—a subscription service that provides you with your own server, and is perfect for anyone looking to invest even deeper in the game

These Realms have room for up to ten people and as they’re private, you don’t have to worry about safety at all, since you’re in control of who gets an invite. Only one player needs a subscription to create the Realm, then friends can join for free, making it a great option for younger players in terms of a guaranteed safe environment in which to mess around. There’s also crossplay, so friends with different devices can join, though Java players can only play with each other.

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