Co-op castle escape puzzler We Were Here Forever launches in May

What I adamantly believe is one of the best co-op games on PC is getting a fourth game in its friendship-testing crash course on effective communication. We Were Here Forever (which I’ll forgive for not being named 4ever) is arriving in May as the next in the series of co-op escape room puzzlers.

As with all three previous games in the series, We Were Here Forever separates you and your co-op partner into different parts of the mysterious Castle Rock, using walkie-talkies via in-game mic chat to stay in contact with one another. Escaping each part of the castle requires you and a friend to sort out puzzles together while each of you explores a room with only half the solution. Some are deadly, timed escape rooms. Others are symbol-based logic puzzles. One of my favorites from the second game was a brain-tickling invisible chess conundrum.

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