Fortnite’s ‘No Building’ mode will be made permanent, dataminers say

Epic recently switched off building in Fortnite’s default mode, a change explained by way of a convoluted story trailer that ends with a surprise appearance by Doctor Strange. As Jody put it at the time, “Videogames!” The change was meant to be a temporary novelty, although we predicted that a no-build mode could become a permanent option if it was sufficiently popular.

We are, therefore, not at all surprised that multiple dataminers have discovered evidence that Epic is in fact planning on keeping the no-building option around on a full-time basis. TweaBR said on March 21 that “the ‘No Builds’ LTM that will be available after 8 days will be called ‘Solo—No Build Battle Royale’.” There will also be no-building modes for Duos, Trios, and Squad as well.

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