Medieval spaceships battle with swords and axes in this action RPG

What if medieval knights skipped the industrial revolution and the modern era and jumped right into the space age? Their spaceships might look like the knights themselves: heavily armored and wielding swords, axes, and maces, slashing and bashing each other in crunchy melee combat. But in space.

That’s the concept behind roguelike action RPG Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime, coming to Steam Early Access later this year. In the announcement trailer above, you can see traditional spaceship weapons like lasers and turrets, but mostly we’re talking about physics based, medieval-style combat in a 2D space arena. Ships can dual-wield longswords, hatchets, spears, and curved daggers, hacking and smashing each other as they spin and swivel in zero gravity until someone explodes in a shower of smoke and pixels. It kind of reminds me of real-life battlebots, but a thousand times cooler.

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