Where to get Smithing Stones in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Smithing Stones are needed to upgrade your weapons in the Lands Between. You can level up your character at any Site of Grace, providing you have the runes to do so, but it also pays to make your weapon stronger. There are a lot of tough areas to explore, and you have freedom when it comes to choosing what you want to tackle and when. But you might find you’ll reach a point where the strength of your weapon may be holding you back.

Smithing Stones—or Somber Smithing Stones—are separate from Ashes of War, and you’ll need to find plenty of them if you want to increase your weapon’s damage. There are different types, too, and if you want to fully upgrade your armament, you’ll need to get your hands on the rare Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, or its Somber counterpart. This guide will walk you through where to get Elden Ring Smithing Stones, some good farming locations, and how to find vendors in the later game who let you purchase the higher rarity variants. 

Smithing Stones

Elden Ring Smithing Stones farming locations

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