Wordle’s original word list included ZIZEL and GOLPS

Josh Wardle doesn’t consider himself a game developer, but he spoke at the Game Developers Conference anyhow, sharing the creation story of his viral word game with a packed room. Many of the Wordle details Wardle shared in the talk, such as that he made the game for his partner, have already been inscribed in the Wordle lorebook by profiles such as The New York Times’s “Wordle is a Love Story.”

Naturally, the first thing I did after seeing the talk was text my mom and sister to tell them that I’d just been sitting 10 feet away from the Wordle guy. During the talk, he said the first sign that Wordle was going to be successful–although he didn’t entirely pick up on it–was that it reinvigorated his sister-in-law’s family group text chat. Eventually, they had to create a spin-off text just for Wordle talk.

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