Elden Ring Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War location

Looking for the Hoarfrost Stomp skill in Elden Ring? This Ash of War was one of the most powerful in the game, letting you stamp a spreading arc of icicles that deal frost buildup, and then shatter for even more damage. Like the Moonveil Katana, many players were using it, and the Icering Hatchet you can find it on, to absolutely cheese bosses.

However, in the first patch for Elden Ring, FromSoftware nerfed the skill. It’s still pretty viable against bosses and enemies, you’re just less likely to get insta-killed by an invader using it, and we can all agree that’s a good thing. In this Hoarfrost Stomp guide, I’ll explain where to find the AoE cold skill and how it affects scaling.

Where to find Hoarfrost Stomp in Elden Ring 

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