Forza Horizon 5 update adds PvP progression system and custom races

Forza Horizon 5 receives a major update on March 29, which makes a bunch of improvements to multiplayer, including a new progression system and custom racing option, and naturally adds a few metric tonnes’ worth of highly desirable rides.

  • Horizon Open has been updated with a new progression system including Badges which can be unlocked through gameplay
  • Added Custom Racing to Horizon Open, which will allow players to find races for their chosen race discipline and PI class
  • Fixed some scenarios where the player could be left waiting longer than necessary in the post-race flow

The notes outside of the PvP changes say that the focus for Series 6 is player customisation, so many of the tweaks revolve around this side of the game, and making it more visible to others:

  • New collectible paint barrels and miniature t-rex dinosaurs scattered all over the world
  • Two EventLab Events featured every week
  • One Seasonal Championship featuring a custom photo taken by a community member
  • Seasonal PR Stunts will now provide Super Wheelspins instead of regular Wheelspins
  • Tons of new cosmetics and cars

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