Has Nvidia just become the good guy in the whole DLSS vs FSR vs XeSS debate?

Nvidia has introduced an open-source framework to make it easier for developers to plug anyone’s upscaling algorithm into the rendering pipelines of their games. Intel’s on board, and AMD’s FSR 2.0 looks like a prime candidate, too. None of which seems like something I would have expected to be writing today. Or ever really.

Historically, Nvidia has not exactly been known as the open-source champion. Team green has generally been very much into the proprietary schtick for its developer-facing features, often requiring devs to sign up to use particular graphical goodies. Whether by design or no, that would potentially lead to the exclusion of other manufacturers’ competing tech, often purely by virtue of the fact that dev time is limited, and expensive, and sometimes you’ve just got to pick a side and stick to it to get a game out in time.

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